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May, 2012

Friday, 25thThe new web - Streaming, Personal, Social Magazines

February, 2012

Wednesday, 29thBill's Hierarchy of Social Media Content Appeal
Friday, 3rd"Invalid action type" on Facebook Social Plugins (such as Recommendations)

February, 2011

Friday, 18thBias - the biggest reason why we don't need public broadcasting anymore
Thursday, 17thOne more reason why we don't need public broadcasting?
Wednesday, 16thDo we REALLY need Public Broadcasting anymore?

November, 2010

Monday, 15thZuckerberg says Email isn't cool anymore.

October, 2010

Saturday, 30thPardon me while I expound on weekend traffic for Public Media websites
Monday, 25thThanks to Juan, Vivian, NPR and Fox

September, 2010

Thursday, 23rdBIG BANG BIG BOOM: Months of Work and Hundreds of Gallons of Paint
Saturday, 11thWhat are those links under the main search result listing in Google?

August, 2010

Tuesday, 17thDon Meissner offically begins his reign as king of the "Fishing Capital of the World"

March, 2010

Tuesday, 23rdHOWTO: Make Google Chrome stop giving me a UAC warning (without editing the registry!)
Thursday, 18thThe big, scary Obama Fishing Ban

May, 2009

Friday, 29thMusic On Demand

April, 2009

Friday, 3rdBeaver Country

February, 2009

Friday, 27thBill's Big Hypothetical Public Media Web Space Question

January, 2009

Saturday, 31stPOV's differ on Google's Oops, "warning visiting this web site may harm your computer!"

December, 2008

Thursday, 18thThe Haenel Website Doctrine
Wednesday, 10thNew Smallmouth Bass Fishing Video from Don Meissner
Thursday, 4thUsing IH2 for ZenCart on a Plesk Server with ImageMagick 6.0.7

August, 2008

Wednesday, 27thBuilding Successful Open Source Software OR maybe a community?

July, 2008

Monday, 14thSlow Printing from Windows XP on a Linux Printer
Saturday, 12thInitial DVD DMA-710 says "no disc"

June, 2008

Wednesday, 18thLose Weight Fast on the Fisherman's Diet
Wednesday, 11thInto Amish?
Thursday, 5thProduct Review: The Watermark Hydro Vest Pack
Wednesday, 4thWhat makes a web property valuable?
Monday, 2ndDon Meissner to Appear on WPBS-TV for Streamside Marathon

May, 2008

Friday, 23rdVIDEO: Fishing with Don Meissner 1.1, Early Season Largemouth...
Friday, 23rdFishing with Don Meissner: New Video and New Website
Monday, 12thFishing for Northern Pike with friends Jim Ingram and Don Meissner

April, 2008

Wednesday, 23rdRegister suggests that the Palm's Foleo might be making a comeback
Saturday, 19thWOW! Fishing videos at!
Friday, 11thWebmonkey, I owe you
Friday, 11thI reviewed a product at Brookstone for 10 bucks
Thursday, 10thEliza the Therapist - a tale of Mac SE resurrection - PART II
Sunday, 6thEliza the Therapist - a tale of Mac SE resurrection

August, 2007

Friday, 24thThe greatest online marketing pitch ever!
Wednesday, 1stWaiting for Foleo

March, 2007

Thursday, 8thUnderstanding the Plight of Internet Radio
Tuesday, 6thNot Again! New Internet Radio Royalties
Thursday, 1stDave Winer on Public Media folks

February, 2007

Wednesday, 28th"What hath man wrought? And how will man use his miracles?"
Tuesday, 27thRSS & PBCore: Happily ever after
Monday, 26thPublic Media 2007: Better Living Through the Use of Colons in Your PowerPoint
Thursday, 15thPublic Media 2007, Pathetic Blogger
Thursday, 15thMySpace experiments, and other stuff

September, 2006

Thursday, 14thWeb Master Tidbits: Marketing is Managing and Meeting Client Expectations
Sunday, 10thWeb Master Tidbits: The web as a timeless medium
Saturday, 9thShuttle Atlantis launches and NASA TV watches
Wednesday, 6thYahoo! News reports NPR is no longer "commercial-free"
Friday, 1stBeware Yellow Jacket Season

August, 2006

Wednesday, 30thFly Fishing in New York State

March, 2006

Tuesday, 14thNewsForge reports on PubForge/Public Media Manager

February, 2006

Tuesday, 7thOpenSSL on Windows XP: A Follow-up to Better HOWTOs

January, 2006

Wednesday, 25th"Curing the Tailing Loop," a "Tale" of Experienced Dissent

August, 2005

Wednesday, 17thPlease, reinvent the wheel.

June, 2005

Friday, 3rdThis ain't Hollywood

May, 2005

Wednesday, 18thMicrosoft Point of Sale
Tuesday, 17thMore on razor blades...
Tuesday, 17thPaid Content: On giving away razors in order to sell razor blades
Wednesday, 4thInternet Radio In My Car
Tuesday, 3rdFlash Splash

February, 2005

Friday, 11thSearch Engine Tuning - No B.S.

January, 2005

Friday, 14thWireless Networking with Linux

December, 2004

Thursday, 23rdDelegation

November, 2004

Monday, 22ndPeggy & Friends

March, 2004

Tuesday, 2ndNew History of Blues

January, 2004

Wednesday, 28th"There is no spoon..."
Xbox Live Gratuit