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Posted by Bill Haenel on 17-Feb-11

Just finished reading this very brief post on the San Diego Examiner about stations in San Diego and how important public radio and TV are to that community. Itís a nice post that focuses on the arts. It made me think about KPBS though, and it didnít mention anything about the really big event that KPBS was involved with a few years ago.

KPBS is the station who lost power to their transmitter when wildfires approached their community. They went off the air, then recovered, then proceeded to cover the wildfires for 75 hours straight and provide an online map to the community showing where the fires were (more here).

KPBS' fire maps were used by state agencies to inform the public of the situation, and a neighboring commercial station even dropped their own programming to rebroadcast KBPS' signal, thinking KPBS was providing a better service to the community than they could themselves. It's really kind of a remarkable story.

This was an invaluable and unmatched service to the community. But apparently this is a service we donít need any more(?). If you think we do in fact need public broadcasting, do contact your congressional representative right away. The House vote happens today, and our leaders need to hear that we think a public information service is important to our citizens. In the meantime, have a look at this:

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