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Posted by Bill Haenel on 02-Jun-08

Just a quick note here about something that everyone who loves fishing, Don Meissner, and watching Don Meissner fishing, should see.

Tonight on WPBS-TV (Watertown, NY), Don will appear for the first time in (what I believe is about) 2 years on live TV. As part of their fundraiser, WPBS will air a two-hour Rod & Reel Streamside marathon, featuring Don during the breaks.

If you can swing the time, or even if you can simply DVR it, you'll definitely want to catch this run. EVen for those who aren't into fishing, Don is truly a pleasure to watch. I don't think I've known too many folks who rival Don in terms of sincerity and desire to help others, and these qualities always come through in his programs.

You can view the program guide detailing the show's airtime and content specifics at the WPBS-branded program grid site. Or visit the WPBS site directly and check out their Home Page.

Also on the schedule at WPBS  during their 50th anniversary "Turn On the Future" membership drive will be another one of my personal favorites, "Lumberjack Sky Pilot." If you haven't seen this show, it's truly entertaining.

And if you can't tune in (you don't live near Watertown, NY? Wow, I thought everyone did...), You can order videos of both programs at the WPBS-TV online store.

Lastly, please visit Don Meissner's new website at Don will be posting video and audio and blogging there about his various trips and conversations with fishersmen and sportsmen. I have high hopes that "Fishing with Don Meissner" will become one of the more important sites in fishing that we have available today, simply because Don is such a fantastic person.

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