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Posted by Bill Haenel on 03-Feb-12

UPDATE as of 12PM EST: Facebook has apparently fixed this issue.


Quick tip for anyone who woke up this morning to find that their Facebook Social Plugin output wasn't working anymore.

You'll need to add the "action" attribute to your fb:recommendations tag.

We ran into this at North Country Public Radio ( best crossbow) this morning. The solution was to turn this:

<fb:recommendations site="" width="247" height="520" header="true"></fb:recommendations>

Into this:

<fb:recommendations site="" width="247" height="520" header="true" action="recommend"></fb:recommendations>

Note the action attribute in red.

It's a simple fix, and I'm not sure why it was suddenly necessary. It seems like maybe the plugin didn't require an action before, and now it does, and if you don't have it it simply doesn't work. Sucky.

There are apparently other actions you can use. I only tried this one because that's the only one we wanted right now. You might try others. Let me know what your results are if you can - I'm interested.

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