Bill Haenel

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On Fishing

I keep telling people it's not the fish, it's the fishing. But every time I say it, I question.

It is indeed the fishing, but more importantly it's the solitude, the peace, the surroundings, the fulfillment, the perspective. I'm sure anyone who has fished, especially if they fished with a fly rod, can think of moments on the water that they'll never forget. Some of those memories would be of fish, of course. But many would simply be memories of standing or floating in the water, watching the sunset, listening to the breeze and the sounds of nature.

In case you've either fallen in love with fishing or are on your way to doing so, I'd like to help you in my own friendly way. I'm working on putting some fishing references together here. In fact, what I hope to end up with is a guide to fishing, camping and general outdoor resources in Northern New York. Sounds like a big job, no? It will be, so if you have any ideas, please write me.

In the mean time, I've collected a pretty good sized library of fishing links, mostly related to fly fishing. I'm a prolific bookmarker, so it's a bit of a wade (no pun  intended).
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