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Posted by Bill Haenel on 01-Aug-07

I confess, I am awaiting the release of Palm's new "mobile companion", the Foleo, very much the same way every iPhone owner waited for their prize back in [insert iPhone release month here].

I looked down on the iPhone lovers during their time of anticipation, thinking they were merely needy consumers, driven by the instant gratification of knowing they had the very latest communication technology in their vest pocket. To me, they were simply shallow.

But now, here I sit, waiting for the light.

Really, for me it's not about the gadgetry. It's not about fashion, or trendy technology. It's about function. Don't laugh, I'm serious. I need this thing. I just gotta have it. Look, it's just different for me, okay? I'm not like all the rest.

At this very moment, I suffer from the emptiness caused by getting most of my information via the rumor mill. Palm hasn't said too much about the reality of their product. They've released enough official information about the Foleo that we know what it is and what it will do, but the really important stuff hasn't been covered. Most of what I really need to know has been leaked, not released.

For example, I know that it's really cool. That was released information. But I don't know when I'll have it. The August 22nd release date was leaked. In other words, I'm left wondering whether it will really happen on that date or not.

Here's another one. I know it's designed to work with the Treo. That was released information. But I don't know which Treo. The idea that it may not work with my Treo was leaked. So I'm left worrying that I'll wait here at my desk for that rumored release date, so very impatiently, only to find out (somewhere around August 22nd) that it won't work with my beloved Treo 650 anyway.


Imagine you've had 12 cups of coffee, a bottle of water or two, and a jumbo drink at a movie theater. Now you have to pee really badly, so badly you're seeing yellow, but you can't get your pants off. That's how I feel right now as I wait to find the answers to these and other burning Foleo questions..

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