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Posted by Bill Haenel on 05-Jun-08

So I got another invitation a la Power Reviews for a product I purchased. I get the idea that if I keep buying stuff, I'll keep getting invitations to review. Hey, ain't nothin' but blog-fuel, eh?

Anyway, you'll notice I said it needed dual zippers...what I meant to say was that the zippers on the backpack pockets are single, only going one way. Not sure what you call the other kind, so I called them dual zippers. Most of my other outdoor gear with pockets (especially backpacks) have dual zippers that open either way, so if you have one hand free and not the other you can still conveniently open the pocket. No big yank, but I had to have some reason to give it only four stars, right?

Originally submitted at Sierra Trading Post

Closeouts . Watermark's double deluxe vest pack for your mid-stream necessities is capable of hiking miles with all the necessary gear. Padded shoulder straps drop down to a mesh-suspended backpack with three zipped pouches and hydration-ready inner pocket. In front are two pouches that clip over y...

Great Chest Pack for a Day on the Water

By Wild Bill from Canton, NY on 6/5/2008




4out of 5

Pros: Lots of Storage, Waterproof Pockets, Breathable, Lightweight, Durable

Cons: No Dual Zippers

Best Uses: Fly Fishing, Freshwater Fishing

Sizing: Feels true to size

Describe Yourself: Avid Fisher

I've been looking for a chest pack that would replace my vest because although the typical vest is very practical, it tends to be somewhat bulky and disorganized. I like to go out for a day without worrying about returning to my car for anything. I needed somewhere I could put my lunch, water, and other "emergency" gear (like a camera, for example!), and ideally carry it on my body without using my hands.

The Watermark Hydro Vest Pack really did the job well. Plenty of storage space for the day, and the compartments on the front enable me to stay very organized on the water. The zingers are great! Four altogether, and very sturdy. I would expect to pay twenty dollars each if I had to by them separately.

Lots of pockets, lots of D-rings, including one for my net, and very nice fly storage on fold-down platforms for tying on without leaving the water.

My first time out using it I got caught in quite a downpour. I was soaked head-to-toe. I assumed that everything inside the pack would be wet. But my phone and my camera inside the backpack both stayed totally dry.

Very nice, practical, durable pack. I highly recommend it.


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