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Posted by Bill Haenel on 03-Apr-09

Within the past couple of days, after a long winter of waiting for ice-out (snow-out?), I finally made it back to one of my favorite fishing spots. I did not fish.

April 1st, the season opened for trout. That date is somewhat arbitrary, yes. After all, most of the good water around here has at least one or two good stretches of all-year, catch-and-release fishing. Not only that, but the water level, speed and temperature puts a damper on most fishermen's plans well into mid-April. So what about that date?

In the end, April 1 is one big sign of Spring trout fishing, along with small green plant sprouts poking through the dirt and snow, Robins bouncing around my very small yard, and this:

The appearance of a beaver lodge and his dam are not necessarily signs of Spring. However, being able to see his artwork, and also the level country he left behind as he cropped and milled the territory he claimed for himself are all a result of the snow having disappeared pretty well for good. We can now see the handywork that was, for a long time, under white camouflage. 

This critter is a new resident here on the river. He got a lot of work done, presumably prior to winter, in preparation for a pretty long and what I would imagine would be warm and cozy nap.

The way the ice creeps up over the banks in big chunks, digging up the surrounding ground is often fairly violent. But I guess he had a plan that worked out. His little hut was in tact, untouched by the destructive ice from the river.

Two dams, two new ponds, a nice yard and a muddy lodge with an underwater driveway and indoor plumbing. What more could a little beaver ask for. Nice work, buddy.

In the area? Wanna have a look for yourself? Here it was:

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