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Posted by Bill Haenel on 18-Jun-08

BEFORE Fisherman's Diet
AFTER Fisherman's Diet

I am not a dietician. I am, however, somewhat of a fisherman. Fisherman are smart, right?

I have a plan for losing weight fast. It's kind of an un-diet. Call it a twelve-step program with a BONUS step. You may laugh, but I REALLY think this will work, and I'm willing to give it a try if you are. So here's my plan for losing weight fast:

  1. Learn to fish.
  2. Go fishing.
  3. Go fishing some more.
  4. Fish in places that require a lot of walking.
  5. Fish in places that require a lot of wading.
  6. Fish for species that are difficult to catch.
  7. Knowing that you should be very quiet near the water before fishing it, carry lots of gear to the river bank, preferably gear that is made of metal, is heavy, and clangs together when you walk.
  8. Fish only with tackle that is either given to you by other fisherman or that you make yourself (the latter is more effective for weight loss).
  9. Go fishing some more.
  10. Shop for lots of new tackle, but don't use it (stick with the stuff you make). But do shop at stores that have lots of long aisles and a huge selection.
  11. Spend all your regular food budget on fishing tackle.
  12. Fish with friends who are on this diet.
  13. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Eat ONLY what you catch.
I'm going to try this diet myself starting now. I think it will be very effective. I'll be sure to post here again soon and let you know how I'm doing with it.

I'd love to know if anyone else is on this diet already, or if you're planning to give it a go. Please comment here or contact me with your story. C'mon - share your Fisherman's Diet Weight Loss story!

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